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Relationship Breakdown – How Relationship Saver Helps!?

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Let’s talk about what it means when a relationship breaks down and what part we may personally play in it without our even knowing it. Relationship breakdown happens much more often than we would like to admit. It may happen several times a day or a few times a year. Some relationship breakdowns are fixable and some are not. The notion of anything “breaking down” is bad in and of itself, let alone our very relationship “breaking down.” So let’s look at this phrase more closely.

In order for a relationship breakdown to occur we must be treating that relationship as something solid and real, something that exist and can be seen, touched and handled and that occupies space. Now, is a relationship really something solid so that a relationship “break down” can actually occur? Is your relationship like a car that is “broken down” by the side of the road? You can begin to see that the language is important here.

Is Your Relationship An Object That Can Be Broken?

Most of the time we think that we “have” a relationship, so it logically follows that a relationship breakdown can occur, like breaking something material, e.g., glass. We even say that a relationship is “strong” or “fragile,” like it actually exists out there in the world in a color, shape and a location. Therefore, we think that relationship breakdown is actually possible. While we can speak of relationships flourishing or relationship breakdowns, if we look somewhat closely we will notice that a relationship is really alive only when we are communicating with another, when we are relating to another person. So, consider that a relationship is actually based on ACTION instead of being something static like a fixed object.

Our relationship only happens when we are relating. Therefore, the relationship for all practical purposes is more like a verb not a noun; it is more like a verb that is a state of being verb such as “free” such as “Free the prisoners.” or “love” as in “I love you.” It is a noun only in our minds like an object and only there a relationship breakdown can happen. Relationship is more like a verb in the phrase “relating as one” so try to think of relationship as just that. Now can you break “relating as one” in any way? You can’t break “relating as one” any more than you can break “United we stand.”

And here is a fact: relationship breakdown only exists in language. Your relationship is as good as your last conversation. In fact relationship breakdown, unlike something material, like glass, does not make any sense because it is not permanent. You can immediately put it back together, unlike Humpty-Dumpty, simply by using language. Don’t believe me? Try using a few words such as “I’m sorry.” or “You were right about this.” and see how it can change a relationship from breakdown to “relating as one” again. Try it, it works.

How Any Man or Woman Can Create A Happy Relationship

Which brings us to another subject closely related to a relationship breakdown. In fact any breakdown is easily recovered from and what is needed is only one condition. With this condition fulfilled, relationship breakdown becomes an opportunity for a relationship breakthrough. You can easily recover from relationship breakdown and achieve breakthrough if you have a strong unwavering commitment to your relationship. In fact relationship breakdowns very rarely occur where commitment is present.

If you are committed to a relationship you do not allow yourself to mess up i.e. you are alert and present, responsible for your feelings and what comes out of your mouth, you keep your word and do not blame or make your partner wrong. Your actions are based on love and compassion, not on fear. You are self-confident, yet mindful of the needs and the states your partner is in. There is no need for control or justifications. In such an environment, the environment of commitment, relationship breakdowns are almost nonexistent.


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