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Los Angeles Author Claims:

“You Can Fix Your Relationship Even If Your Partner Wants You Gone!” It's true--you can single-handedly fix even the rockiest relationship.

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"Thank you for helping to put an end to an emotionally abusive relationship. I realized with your help that the most important relationship in need of repair was the relationship I was having with myself."

Debby K.
Dallas, TX

"There is something to be said for the theory of "cause and affect." Changing what I was doing in my relationship actually changed my partner's actions as well. Our relationship of 16 years did NOT end because of the valuable information I received from the "Relationship Saver". If your relationship is in trouble, I urge you to try it and learn about new and greater possibilities for a more loving and happy partnership."

Andrea M.
Los Angeles, CA

I stumbled upon your site when I was groping in darkness with the reality that my marriage had hit a path of no return. My central problem was kind of spiritual - "nobody in this world understands me!" I had knocked on almost all the doors and none opened to me! Then I saw your web site and the content was so compelling and genuine that I decided to buy the manual.

It indeed created a magic. How well you have condensed the whole secret of human relationship in just 14 pages!

Very glad to say that I have won my family back, and we have relocated to Cupertino, CA from Bangalore, India.

Indeed, I have no words to express my gratitude. I pray that your message continues to save more and more families.

Thank you very much.
A. Ramesh
Cupertino, CA


It's hard to put a price on something this powerful. You could spend thousands of dollars on therapy and counseling and hundreds more on overpriced books penned by self-proclaimed "relationship gurus".

The Shortcut To Rescuing Your Relationship

Or you could take the fast-track to relationship repair. Download the Relationship Saver manual for Only $39.95, spend a few minutes reading and your eyes will be opened.

You'll understand exactly why your relationship is in trouble. And I'll show you step-by-step how to fix it and get back your once happy relationship.

It doesn't matter how bad the relationship has become. It doesn't matter how often you argue or even if you don't speak to each other. If you were happy once, you can follow the step-by-step advice inside the Relationship Saver and rescue your relationship.

My Personal Guarantee To You

You may have been burned before by the big-named "relationship gurus" (who oddly enough are usually on their second or third marriages). That's why I'm going to extend this personal guarantee to you:

Order the Relationship Saver and try the simple relationship repair strategy inside. And if you can't completely repair your relationship in 90 days, I'll refund every cent of your money- no questions asked.

The worst thing that can happen is you get every cent of your money back. But think about the best thing that could happen - a happy, healthy relationship that could last the rest of your life.

If you truly want the relationship to survive and flourish, then I want you to remember this day. Because today determines the fate of your relationship. Take action today and you can change what tomorrow brings. Do nothing today and tomorrow will look no different.

You have nothing to lose. And you stand to gain a happy, healthy relationship filled with excitement and laughter.

So download the Relationship Saver E-Book right now and take the first step towards a warm, lasting relationship.

In less than 5 minutes, you can be reading the Relationship Saver E-Book There’s no need to wait. Begin repairing your relationship today!

Your friend and coach,

Radomir Samardzic
Author of "The Relationship Saver"


PS About The Author...

Radomir has been married since 1975 and has known his now wife, Antoinette since 1969 when they both were in their early twenties. They have a wonderful daughter Diana (27) who is presently studying Psychology at JFK University in California, U.S.A.

Besides having a very happy and satisfying marriage, Radomir is also a Founder and Director of a successful coaching firm Dynamic Development Coaching where he uses the previous training in communication and team work to incorporate it in his current practice of coaching individuals in their relationships as well as training organizations in forming "championship" teams.

A passionate interest in the workings of human nature, as well as his vast experience in working and communicating with people in different environments - He has worked in the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, and the United States - has naturally led him to his present vocation.

Dynamic Development Coaching operates from Los Angeles where Radomir has lived with his wife and daughter since1981. As a business, professional and personal coach, Radomir is highly committed to his clients' being at their best at all times and in any circumstances. He sees no option for success, but to "manifest your best".


P.P.S. More testimonials!


I purchased your book and am amazed at the things I've taken for granted and the things I've never thought of before!! Thank you for opening my eyes to this new insight.
I have read the book through once and plan to read it everyday and apply it to my life and to our relationship.



Yes, my daughter and her husband have decided not to separate and are now looking for a new apartment together in NYC. Your book was totally significant in giving her the strength to not retaliate, put on a sunny disposition, accept his behavior and change it!

A pretty great combination. Many, many thanks for this fine little book.


Best regards.
Alexa P.Denmark

Thank-you! Thank-you very much!
This IS the way. By being truthfully honest and seeing it fom HER point of view.
Now, I need to get on with building a life, and if she wants to be part of it, THEN we can build a marriage.
Thank-you Sir. One day you will REAP your reward.

Jeremy, H. UK


I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and I am having relationship problems obviously.
Well, thanks for all your help.
After reading the 14 pages I already feel better.

Grgeory (USA, from Afganistan)



Your e-book is fantastic! I've already started to apply the advice you have outlined, and it has made leaps and bounds in my heart and mind - and is amazing my partner.


Shelly, R France

I think she was somewhat shocked at my flipped approach and I can see she is changed, looks brighter lighter and happier -I certainly am.
I understand that it’s more than just following your instructions - its actually understanding the situation in a totally different light.
Once again - A Powereful 14 pages....




Peter D.Germany

Dear Radomir.

The manual that I done loaded is probably the best piece of literature I have ever read. My wife and I have split up, but that doesn't
matter. We are now starting to have a proper relationship because I have
changed my attitude towards it all. I feel enlightened and wiser than I have ever been before. We're great friends and are willing to help each other out in any situation. Letting go was initially very difficult, but it was the best thing to do. She respects me now as much as I respect her. In the past I would normally be tormented when a break up happens. But now I feel very liberated from the anguish that would have tortured me.

I have met someone else. Using the pearls of wisdom from the manual, I have now started a beautiful friendship with her. We have a lot of respect for each other.
Life is a lot easier now.

People should understand that this manual is not a magic wand, but a guide to self awareness. It's an exercise to improving yourself, which can only serve to benefit those around you. I thank you for your wisdom.



Rowan K. USA


and firstly thank you. Your book said nothing that I should not have known already, but it provoked thought and change on my part.
For the first time in months I feel positive, and my relationship, well, that has become wonderful again.


Best regards.
Alexa P.Denmark


Good day Radomir,
Thanks for your book. Since reading your book, my wife has torn up the divorce papers …

We are both starting to appreciate each others company and are looking forward to moving back together later this year. Thanks
again for the simple and easy to follow ideas in your book.


Russell. B,Australia



I purchased your book and read it today! I am amazed at the insight I received and how I had been doing things so wrong.

Denise V. USA



Hi So far so good. Your a flippin genius. How much is counseling?


Robert G



This is to report that my daughter has used your book in diverting a separation activity between her and her husband.

Of particular significance was the adoption of a
more positive and helpful attitude and identifying
certain unsuccessful behaviors on her part. As you
suggest in the book, you do not make the change
in your partner, but rather




Again, you are so right. I have read the book three times now. Each time I get more out of it.
Yesterday I was crying. Today I am smiling.
Tomorrow I will laugh out loud. And I will read it again tomorrow. And the next day.............

Many thanks,
Arline UK



Dear Radomir Samardzic

After several months I tried again, and everything worked like a charm. A first glance through the book gave me an immediately positive reaction.

Although your suggestions seem counter-intuitive to one's normal reactions, they make a great deal of sense to me now, based on my own experience in the meantime.


Thank you.
Christopher A. UK

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