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Predictions for Aries in 2007

By: Renee Francis

Chiron is sextile your Aries Sun Sign. This transit will occur only twice in each 50-year cycle of Chiron. During this time, you're likely to have a deflated ego and overall lack of self-confidence. At times it may seem easier to not even try to succeed, rather than risk failure. Be willing to promote yourself and you may be surprised by the outcome. You are particularly charming and persuasive now, and this could open many doors to new opportunities for your own personal and professional advancement. Although you feel a great need to make a difference in the world, you don't need to receive all the credit. Your real rewards come from developing your spirituality and higher consciousness.

You will be presented with many opportunities to clearly recognize patterns you've repeated in your relationships that have caused a great deal of suffering. This is a good time to work on dropping unhealthy habits and patterns from your life so you can stop repeating the same mistakes (and choosing the wrong people). Be willing to accept your share of credit for any "failed" relationships now, and you'll grow a great deal. Be willing to forgive others, and to admit you're wrong if need be. Chances are that they will treat you similarly. The more progress you can make now toward curing self-destructive patterns (usually related to childhood wounds that have never healed), the less difficulty you'll have when Chiron conjoins or squares your natal Sun in a few years.

You are attracted to alternative forms of health care now, and you may even develop healing talents yourself. If you become a healer, you will pursue your new vocation with great intensity and purpose, as though it were your life's destiny. In a way it is, because as you learn to help others, you will also heal yourself in the process. Whatever you choose to do now, you have the power to bring your ideas into reality. Build your self-confidence by creating more of whatever it is in your life that brings you the most joy. Then set new goals (which are likely to be higher than previous ones). Some people will try to convince you that the goals you seek cannot be attained.

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