(A) Relationship and Marriage Test

If you are not sure whether your relationship is still a “healthy one” or not, please answer the following questions as truthfully as possible. Your answers may surprise you.

1.    How is your relationship? If you automatically answered “just fine”, think again.
2.    Is your relationship as good as when you first met? Has your partner grown more fond of you or less? (More)
3.    Do you often acknowledge each other? (Yes)
4.    Do you often find yourself thinking about the past? (No)
5.    Do you sometimes complain about your partner to your family and/or friends? (No)
6.    Are you happy and if you are, do you show it? (Yes)
7.    Are you resigned? (No)
8.    Do you need him/her? (No)
9.    Are you trying to change your partner, or keep him/her as he/she “used to be”?  (No)
10.   Do you think that your relationship would be better if only he/she would change? (No)
11.    Do you often talk about your relationship with your partner? (No)
12.    Do you try to do certain things to improve or fix your relationship time and again despite the fact that it never works? (No)
13.    Do you always know what your partner is up to? (Yes)
14.    Does he/she keep secrets from you? (No)
15.    Do you often get blamed? (No)
16.    Do you often blame or make your partner wrong? (No)
17.    Do you often feel the need to justify yourself and your actions? (No)
18.    Does your partner often justifies his/her actions to you? (No)
19.    Do you take pleasure in being right? (No)
20.   Do you know if he/she really loves you? In other words, are you accepted and loved for who you are … and not for what you do, know or have, or how you look? (Yes)
21.    Do you have a happy relationship? (Yes)
22.    Could you use some help to make your relationship really great? (No)

If one of your answers above does not match the ones in parentheses
you may want to try The Relationship Saver or The Gameless Relationship