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Marriage Proposals

By: Damian Sofsian

Marriage has become a very personal decision over the years and children so not like the interference of their parents in this crucial decision. They are aware of the pressures resulting from a marriage and wish to progress steadily towards it. They prefer to first fall in love and then get married, to first establish a solid relationship based on affection, trust, respect, and friendship. The first step towards a love marriage is a marriage proposal. Marriage proposals have a lot of significance in marriages. In fact, several men have successfully managed to tilt the decision of their ladylove in their favor by proposing in a dramatic way. The style of dropping on the knee and requesting to marry has become very stale. Women expect much more from their man.

Proposals should be very touching and memorable. Many people place a lot of emphasis on the venue for proposing a marriage. Paris has always been a popular city among lovers. It can be the most exciting experience for any woman to be proposed in the paradise of love. Exotic locations and scenic settings can be great venues to propose a marriage. Other popular venues include a favorite restaurant, or a beach. Many people propose on the place where they had first met to make the moment more touching and special.

Style is also a very important factor in marriage proposals. The most common and romantic style of proposing is to propose over a romantic dinner. Dropping a ring in a glass of champagne and offering it to the ladylove is one of the most incredible ways of proposing marriage.

Women are usually fascinated with originality and get easily bored of men using the tried and tested formula for proposals. It is important for men to use their imagination to think of innovative ways to propose marriage to the woman of their dreams. Other simpler ideas include sending a greeting card or sending a proposal request on a popular musical program on the TV or radio.

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