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Marriage Ceremonies

By: Damian Sofsian

Marriage is a sacred institution and is governed by social, religious, and legal rules. The extent of commitment and responsibilities in a marriage continue to remain the same in all spheres of society. Marriage ceremonies are generally very elaborate in all countries. Typically, all marriage ceremonies involve exchange of vows and other rituals pertaining to the religion of the couple to be married. Generally, marriages ceremonies are performed in churches or wedding chapels where the couple exchange holy vows and ring in the presence of the priest and their near and dear ones. As a part of the custom, a wedding cake is served to the guests after the completion of the wedding ceremony.

The policies and rules of a church greatly vary and it is important to know them in advance before selecting any church. Destination weddings are the latest trend in marriages. People go to a popular destination of their choice to get married amidst picturesque and romantic settings.

Many people opt for the conventional Hawaiian wedding ceremony. Maui has all kinds of places of worship such as temples and churches. People can bring along their own priest or minister to conduct the wedding ceremony and to take the wedding vows in accordance to a particular religion. Maui wedding ceremonies can be carried out in various settings. Many people prefer to get married in gardens to have a spectacular range of flowers and plants in the background for their service. People also have the option of getting married in scenic locations with beautiful waterfalls and landscapes. Many people get married on private estates to perform wedding ceremonies based on a particular theme. Beaches have been one of the most popular settings for a marriage. Beach weddings are truly romantic and even the guests can enjoy the scenic view and the natural breeze.

The newer generations are opting for marriages that are simple as they save money. The number of second weddings has increased drastically and people have started losing faith in the theory of ?marriage of a lifetime?. Many people especially people who are marrying for the second time, prefer to have a low profile wedding that includes only close friends and relatives.

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