How to Get Back to Dating After a Breakup

Break-ups are simply awful, there’s rarely a time that it doesn’t leave at least one party feeling like they lost a part of themselves and like it is going to take forever until they can feel up to dating again. There are times when things are annoying complicated and terribly depressing but the only way out is getting back in the dating scene and getting your self-esteem back.  Now, if you are searching for a new date now that the mourning period has ended, you need to understand that it’s going to be tougher than you expected at first. However, if you know how to handle yourself and how to get yourself back in that “happy place,” then you will gain a certain emotional balance and be in harmony with yourself again. There are a couple of stages you need to get through in order to actually get back in the dating scene.

1.) Rebound Time

Getting over your ex is something that will take some time – we already established that, but then again, you didn’t expect it to be over the next day. The point is, you need to understand that you need to see other people, that there are other handsome, interesting, beautiful people out there that match your interests and see the world the way you do. Some of them won’t, but that’s the point of the rebound state – to allow you to see the world again, through a wider lens. The only thing you should be careful with is not to play with other people’s feelings – this means that at all times, you have to consider that if it’s just rebound for you, you shouldn’t lead the other one on.

2.) The Best Cure For Everything is Time

Stop waiting for everything to happen “right now”. Healing doesn’t come easy, and if you were in a long-term relationship, it’s going to be even harder. Whereas I understand you don’t want to listen to this kind of advice, that waiting isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. But the sooner you get yourself accustomed with the idea, the easier it will be for you to handle the situation. The more patient you are, the more healing you will get – and this has been tested throughout time.

3.) Have Realistic Expectations

We all want it all, and after a break-up, one of two things might happen – you either start swearing off the possibility of ever matching with someone else, or you might end up thinking anyone else might be better. Neither approach is either health or useful – remember that people are generally different, and you might end up matching with someone you wouldn’t expect. The point is to keep an open mind for opportunities that might come up. This means you have to stay patient and listen to what happens around you.

Getting back in the dating game is hard to do, but you have to stay strong.

This article was contributed by Nicole Lawson , Best Dating Sites Online, an online resource for dating reviews and advise.