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Marriage-An Adventure or the End of the Rope

A successful marriage is like an adventure. If a sport's person is going to a wildrerness, the adventure can lead to success or it can end in failure. I have seen that it is like that in marriage. A

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How To Prevent Divorce

The failure of marriage may be the cause of inconsistency among couples in communicating and interacting with one another both physically and emotionally. Couples tend to hate each other when they d

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No Fault Divorce What It Really Means

If you live in an area that offers no fault divorce, you maybe surprised to realize what the term no fault really means.

Regardless if you are the person seeking a divorce or the person that

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Mallika Sherawat- Marriage Failure, Career Successful

Mallika Sherawat is considered to be a youth icon in the Indian film industry. She has tremendous popularity as far as her looks are concerned. But acting is something which is not the first criteri

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